Transforming Medicine with Metabolites

At Olaris, we are revolutionizing the way diseases are diagnosed and treated to give each patient the healthcare they deserve.

With innovative advancements in metabolomics and machine learning, we're discovering metabolite biomarker signatures to get the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.

What are metabolite biomarkers?

Metabolism comprises all of the biochemical reactions that occur inside the body. Hundreds of metabolic pathways are needed to provide energy and biomass for life to exist. The metabolism transforms food into nutrients to be distributed throughout the body, processes any medications you take, and produces waste products.

Metabolite biomarkers are the building blocks of metabolism: carbohydrates, sugars, lipids, amino acids, proteins. They can also be exogenous metabolites, or in other words, from your food or environment. Your metabolism is uniquely you, and metabolites are influenced by both the genome and the environment,  providing a “chemical fingerprint” of an individual’s overall health and lifestyle. In fact, your metabolites are a more unique identifier than your fingerprint- they reveal sex, age, ethnicity, recent travels, diet, predisposition to disease, and response to therapy.

"By identifying a person’s 'biomarkers of response (BoRs), we can determine which patients will benefit from a specific therapy to optimize outcomes and reduce adverse events."

Dr. Elizabeth O’Day, CEO & Founder of Olaris

Precision Medicine Needs
Metabolite BoRs


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Biomarkers R vs NR (1).png

The goal of precision medicine is to deliver optimal care personalized to each individual patient.  Unfortunately, medicine doesn’t have all the tools to treat each patient uniquely yet. Most patients are given the same drugs in the same order, and success is judged by waiting to see the outcome. Not everyone will respond well to a drug, not everyone will have side effects. At present, we live in a world of "imprecision medicine" where in most cases the number of patients who do not benefit from a specific drug greatly outnumber the number of patients who do. We should have the tools to understand this ahead of time so treatments can be tailored to patients who will benefit.

Precision medicine uses a patient's molecular makeup to guide individual health decisions. In our blood are biomarkers (DNA, RNA, protein, and metabolites) that make us who we are as individuals. These biomarkers help us determine why certain people are susceptible to certain diseases, while others are not, or why some individuals respond to a therapy while others are resistant.

Removing the Guesswork

Metabolite biomarkers can remove the guesswork in medicine. Metabolites can give us a read-out of all the complex processes happening inside the body- how healthy you are, how you might respond to a drug, how your genetics affect your health, and how your environment affects your health. The ability of metabolite biomarkers to offer the most accurate readout of an individual's phenotype at a certain time point can be used to create diagnostics that will finally deliver on the goals of precision medicine.


Olaris BoRs enable treatment selection, treatment monitoring, and diagnostic screening across therapeutic and disease areas including oncology, immune response, solid-organ transplant, and neurodegeneration to transform medicine with metabolites.

We find the right drug, for the right patient, at the right time


Olaris is a big-thinking, game-changing, data-driven company with experienced leadership on a mission to remove the guesswork from medicine.


Our pioneering metabolomics platform and machine learning algorithms are transforming care in oncology, immune response, and neurodegeneration.


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